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About Us


We want to create a specific marketplace to revive economic activities in the cottage, micro, small, medium and other industries and service sectors affected by the epidemic of Covid-19 and to normalize production and supply by reducing losses in the handicraft sector. Handicraft traders from all over the world like our country have suffered great losses. We have been able to build a specific community around the world to overcome this loss. Through this community, manufacturers are able to promote their products directly. We are trying to connect this community with buyers from all over the world. We want to decide on the online exhibition. So that the manufacturer can showcase his product directly to the buyer through the exhibition. Previously the manufacturer could not communicate directly with the buyer. In this case he had to take the help of the exporter. Nor could the product be promoted in the right way. Manufacturers will be able to display and sell the product directly on our platform.


Define specific objectives of the innovation in the given amount of time and highlight other important factors relative to its success.

Our motives are very clear. We want the lost handicraft industry to come back to life. At least 5 million people in our country are involved in this industry. There is a huge demand for handicraft products in foreign markets. Merchants from all over the world are connected to our marketplace. The artists of this thousand-year-old art are becoming increasingly unemployed. We want to bring this industry back to life. We will organize regional exhibitions in different countries. We will invite international buyers to exhibitions. In this case specific website and mobile app will be used. Each member will be sent a specific ID and password.

Core Idea:
The buyers and sellers of handicrafts come under the same umbrella. The costs of our marketplace will be covered by the registration fee for each member. From this idea of mine it is possible to make the old craftsmen work and the new ones will be provided with very careful cooperation. In this case, it is possible to make a large number of people functional.


Describe the strategy implied and how it was executed. what were the challanges in execution and how were they addressed?

Establishing regional warehouses will be a difficult task for us. The product will be sent from the regional warehouse to the buyer for export. In this case specific server will be maintained. So it will be our responsibility to easily track any order and arrange for its delivery.

Value Addition:
How has the innovation added to the welbeing of society/organization/nation

Through our innovation, we will be able to bring the backward people to the forefront. An international handicraft manufacturing community will be created. Through them diversified products will be prepared. The thousand-year-old industry will gradually turn into a diversified industry. These manufacturers will be the driving force of their country’s economy.

What was / were the result /impact of the innovation? what are some of the measures of success?

The huge population involved in handicrafts will get a specific platform. Diversified products will easily reach the hands of the buyer. Many small entrepreneurs will be able to be self-sufficient in this innovation of mine.

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